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With hundreds of successfully completed projects over the past 12 years, we now offer the full range of live video concepts: ranging from webinars to large digital events and from large multi-stage festivals to live and hybrid TV-quality talk shows. We Are Live produces formats for every objective and every platform, including TV, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Zoom or MS Teams.

The one stop shop

We develop, organize and produce tailor-made digital events and TV productions based on our client's objectives. Every production starts with transforming the marketing and communication objectives into a live production. In the final production we mix and match the right people and creativity with the best technical set-up to get the most out of live video content for our clients.

Creative Live Content

Digital events and live video are effective tools in the marketing and communication mix. We advise and produce based upon the marketing and communication objectives of our clients. We carefully look at target groups, intended reach and engagement. In the production design we use an agreed strategy and we ensure the right look, feel and identity.

Interactive formats

When creating a live video production you need to think in terms of developing a TV program, including the TV laws and disciplines. Choices in concept, creative development, format and platform are decisive for a good result. Digital events require a different way of programming compared to classic live events. Sophisticated, substantive scripts, guests, presentation, visual interpretation, flow and visual language determine the final quality for the viewer. Interactivity ensures alignment with the objectives. and persuade the viewer to the right action. Both the technical and substantive choices for interactive elements such as chats, Q & As, polls and quizzes are made based on the target group and technical possibilities.

Production Management

The production of a live event is human work. And the quality and experience of the team is the basis of its success. Together they provide the substantive research, editing, production, interaction, presentation and direction of the project. Each production is led by a project manager or executive producer who leads the production team, creates the schedules and maintains contact with the client. By doing so, we are taking all of your worries out of your hands. This applies if we produce the project from A-to-Z, but can also be in co-creation with the client. We can produce the live event as well as the content needed for marketing purposes before and after the event. Think of promos, trailers, vlogs, social snippets and after movies.


Hybrid Events

Combine the best of both worlds with a hybrid event and give both the live and online audience the feeling as if they are in the middle of the event!

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Digital Events

From a large-scale digital event to an intimate talk show at the client’s office, we take care of the entire digital event production.

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Live formats

The sky is the limit! Interactive talkshows, breaking a world record or Q&A’s with celebrities. Our focus on innovation means we’re always a step ahead in developing new and exciting live formats for social media.

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Broadcasting annual figures, public announcements or a monthly update around the world – we advise about the technical set-up, host and content for an optimal impact.

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About We Are Live

We believe in the power of live video. Connecting and interacting, from anywhere in the world. Every event, performance or show can benefit from the magic of being together, even though you are miles apart. Due to the worldwide COVID-19 situation it's even more relevant to be creative and to go live with video for your events and campaigns. Our mission is to spread the magic of live video and connect people across the world: We Are Live.

Numerous studies have shown how live video creates greater engagement and a bigger impact than on-demand video. It’s more unique and compelling. Of course, the content has to be good and there has to be a reason to bring it live.

We cover the full range of live video: concept, production and equipment and analytics. Our in-house focus is on advise, concept, production and analytics. For the technical aspect we cooperate with our professional and well-known partners.

About We Are Live

We Are Live is led by Thomas Mulder and was established in 2008 by Marck Feller. It is a sister company of online video production company Level V. Besides Marck and Thomas, We Are Live has five employees, producers and editors and we have a big network of freelance specialists including directors and technical staff.


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