Appeltjes van Oranje award ceremony

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Thomas Mulder 4 June 2021

In an overwhelming hybrid event from the Balzaal in Noordeinde Palace, Queen Máxima has announced the winners of the Apples of Orange 2021 on the 1st of June. Every year, three social projects that are committed to an inclusive and liveable society win an Appeltje van Oranje, as a token of appreciation. In addition to a bronze statue, which is designed and created by Princess Beatrix, the winners also receive € 15,000 that can be freely spent within the organization.

The winners of an Appeltje van Oranje 2021 are:
Ixta Noa
Zelfregiecentra van Vriendendiensten
Expertise Center Education Care Saba

Mental Strength
The theme of the Appeltjes van Oranje 2021 is Mental Strength. The twelve nominees all excel in supporting that mental toughness. People that are not healthcare professionals, yet still help you get back on your feet are of incredible value. Therefore, these people deserve to be in the spotlight themselves.

The show
Under the guidance of Jörgen Raymann you get to know the twelve nominees and their supporters. Through live connections they share their stories, their mission and their passion with which they continue to work for their cause. Subsequently, Queen Maxima has announced the three winners.

We have considered it an honor to make this award ceremony possible in close collaboration with the Oranje Fonds and IINII.

Photography: Stefan van der Kamp

For more information about the Appeltjes van Oranje and to view the complete ceremony, please visit: