Bensdorp Launches Natural Dark Cocoa Powder


Bensdorp, the premium cocoa brand of Barry Callebaut, introduces Natural Dark, a 100% natural and flavorful dark cocoa powder with a superior taste experience.

This innovative product was launched in an innovative way: In a live, interactive tasting experience, everyone could join the press launch from the comfort of their homes and offices. Instead of getting the journalists to the chocolate, the chocolate was sent to journalists all over the world.

Experts from Bensdorp introduced the new product, and explained the new characteristics with a live tasting experience. Next to that, journalists could join with video and audio to ask their questions directly to the experts - and everyone in the livestream could follow along and react. Based on viewer actions and interactions, Bensdorp was able to provide a personal follow-up for each of the journalists.

We Are Live had a leading role in terms of content and overall flow of the press launch, as well as the total production of the livestream; taking care of decor, lighting, equipment and streaming platform.

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