Brand activation

Brand activations are all about the connection and interaction between a brand and the consumer. With digital innovations such as the internet and social media, these brand activations have become more creative and more innovative, utilizing a growing mix of platforms and media.

Live + Video

The only thing often missing in the brand activations mediamix is live video. And that is exactly where the biggest opportunities lie to really make a difference. Research shows that:

  • Live video is watched 3 times longer than regular video
  • 82% prefers live video over reading a post
  • Live video has 6 times more interactions than regular video

Combination with events

It can be beneficial to combine a livestream with an (already existing) event. Examples of this can be adding a live Q&A with speakers on Facebook to a conference, hosting a TV studio at the center of a festival ground or in a city center: these additions generate more engagement with both visitors of the event and viewers online.

Live Anywhere!

Going live from a boat, in a hot air balloon or under the sea - everything is possible! Recent technological developments have erased the need for expensive equipment to go live: the sky is the limit! We’re more than happy to think along, and we love a challenge!


  1. What is the urgency? Why should the viewer watch now, and not later? Think about live (sports) matches, award shows, world record attempts or a unique peek into a location or a celebrity’s life - something that would normally be out of reach.
  2. How do you facilitate interaction? The biggest added value of live video is interaction - so make sure the viewers can do so! The possibilities extend way beyond the chatbox, for example using polls, live video chat, getting a digital album signed or influencing what will happen next in front of the camera.
  3. How do you inform your target audience? Simply starting a livestream and waiting for the viewers to flood in is no longer enough. Make sure to have a clear strategy to inform your audience (both before and during the livestream) and get them to watch your livestream.
  4. Life after live - After the stream has concluded, your content is still very valuable! Make sure however, that you optimize the footage for viewing afterwards - no one wants to rewatch a complete football match, but prefer to only see the highlights.

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