IDEA takes first successful steps with webinar


The time of target audiences is valuable and to plan an event at a particular moment means almost by definition that some of those who are interested can’t be physically present. But by using a live webinar you can make sure people can still tune in and quickly get the relevant information. We Are Live produced a live webinar for IDEA – the branche organization for live communication and event marketing bureaus in the Netherlands. The subject of the Webinar was on how to successfully enter in event marketing awards. Maarten Schram, the Managing Director of IDEA, underlined the importance of high-quality content for the market which they represent. ‘IDEA is the Champions League for big bureaus, so the quality of our content has to be great.’

There are a number of challenges to attracting and retaining watchers when creating live webinars. When you’ve created an audience by way of a campaign, it is important to inspire the public and to give them the feeling they’re watching serious content. The content of this particular webinar was prepared together with We Are Live. Before it went on air, we had a rehearsal to make sure we could present the speakers in the best possible way.

‘We Are Live always thinks along and is very critical on content. Their counseling beforehand was very nice.’


Webinars offer the opportunity to be in direct contact with the viewer. You know who is watching, you can answer viewer questions directly and collect valuable data about viewing numbers and their responses to certain topics. The option to re-watch the moments of your choosing afterwards also means that an even larger audience can be reached.

The webinar of IDEA about the participation of event marketing is available here. For the coming year,  we’re preparing for far more expert webinars!

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