We are live:

The impact of effective live video


Live video has become more accessible to more and more people, and the expectations and demands of viewers change and increase. So what makes live video so impactful?

By Thomas Mulder, MD We Are Live

Rele vance

The main reason that makes live video relevant is news. Every live video broadcast tells you something new. Everything you look at has never happened before and is unique in this way. This can be breaking news, a sporting match or the presentation of the new iPhone. People are willing to watch a stream for a long time, because they know that at a moment in the stream they get to see something new that nobody knew before. A good planning is crucial. That is why We Are Live is involved from the early stages, making sure you have those moments on camera and really engage with your audience.

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Inter action

The developments in the quality of cameras and smartphones ensure that more and more people are able to participate in a live video, without having to sit at home behind their desktop computer. This gives you the opportunity to get in touch with your target group, and gives them the opportunity to have a live interaction that would not normally be possible. That live interaction is what give your livestream even more relevance. We Are Live helps you to find the best format and channel for the live interaction.

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Life after live

The potential of a livestream does not stop after the livestream has ended. All recorded material can be of enormous value after the livestream, especially as a marketing tool. People are willing to watch a livestream longer than other online video content. So is therefore to adjust and optimize your recorded live content for online publication after the livestream. To maximize effectivity we shoot, edit and upload the video content during or within hours after the event. Thanks to our live editing capabilities, we can share snippets of the talks instantly with the world. This way all highlights will be available immediately.

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Livestreams are not ‘just a live video of a speaker on a stage’. They are about the vibe they bring in the room and how people experience the talks, showing the feel they get. We do this by multiple cameras and an editorial staff, so that we can capture everything that makes you feel as if you were in the room yourself.

We Are Live is specialized in strategic live streams and events, for both commercial and company purposes and for all live stream platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Webinar en Livestream.com. We advise our clients so that their event not only works well in the room, but also captivates the online audience. Our viewers tend to come back for more.


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