Times are changing. The worldwide COVID-19 situation requires new ways of thinking and creative concepts. Also for the event industry. How can you transform your offline conferences with digital components to LIVE full fledged digital events?

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At We Are Live we cover the full range of livestreaming and live concepts. From company updates to big multi-stage festivals and from webinars to TV-grade live interactive talk shows to introduce new products.

Pretty much everything is possible in live video communications to reach your goals. What about a live cooking show to kick-off your new food campaign? Or why not let your viewers buy your new clothing collection for fall/ winter when you are live broadcasting? And it doesn’t stop after your live event is offline. We can significantly extend the longevity and value of live content by fast editing and publication. This is perfect for people who missed the event as well as allowing you to promote your (next) event and your brand. Please challenge us so we can show you what LIVE can do for you!

Livestreaming Beyond Boundaries

Our livestream adventures have taken us far and wide, but there’s still so much to see! Check out this list of livestreams from extraordinary locations, including some of our very own projects!

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We Are Live wins 6 international Eventex Awards

The winners of the Eventex Awards have been announced; We Are Live has won six awards. The production company and livestream expert for international brands received three gold awards for B2B event, Event Storytelling and Brand Experience – Food & Beverages and platinum for Hybrid Event.

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Stay Ahead of the Curve: The Latest Trends in Events

Want to know what’s on the horizon for business events? We’ve got you covered. We are always on the lookout for the latest trends in the ever-evolving event industry.

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