Life after live

Because high-quality live content creates social buzz, it often continues to attract ‘on demand’ viewers afterwards. In many cases, the number of viewers can be many times more than those who viewed the original broadcast. The incredible reach of TED-talks is a great example of this: when they’re originally broadcasted the audience is often restricted to those in the hall and a small online viewership. However afterwards, it reaches hundreds of thousands or even millions of people.

Optimizing livestreams

When viewers watch such content, they don’t want to delve through the whole livestream to find what’s important. Instead, they expect the broadcaster to offer them the highlights. This makes it vital to create an edited version of the live broadcast which contains the relevant content quickly after the event is done.

The best way to achieve this is to start preparing a long time before the live event. Therefore, as the event approaches, We Are Live considers how to optimize content both for the livestream and the videos to be published afterwards. To this end, we consider décor, light, sound and staging, as well as the video’s length, how to arrange the parts and the overall flow.

Editing on location

Our mobile post-production facilities allow us to edit on location. As we have access to the latest equipment and because of our far-ranging experience, we can edit “live”. This means that as content comes in in real time, our editors can get to work. In this way, as soon as the relevant event finishes, we can export and upload a cleaned-up version of it.

It’s even possible for us to have several editors work on material simultaneously. This allows us to produce other valuable content, such as dynamic summaries and social media snippets as well. Naturally, all of this will be provided with the correct branding, visuals and – if desired – subtitles.

In this way, through incredibly fast editing and publication, we can significantly extend the longevity and value of live content. This is perfect for people who missed the event as well as allowing clients to promote the next iteration of the event. We can even help monetize content!

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