Livestreaming Beyond Boundaries

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Thomas Mulder 4 August 2023

Livestreaming Beyond Boundaries

Our livestream adventures have taken us far and wide, but there’s still so much to see! Check out this list of livestreams from extraordinary locations, including some of our very own projects!

We Are Live – Bear Market Rally, Lisbon

As part of’s Solana BreakPoint Convention in Lisbon, event producer Browny’s created a go-kart rally in an underground parking garage in the center of the city. Meant to provide an exciting and highly entertaining element for visitors, partners and sponsors of the convention, We Are Live captured the thrilling rally which was livestreamed globally!

Nautilus Live – Ocean Exploration

EVNautilus was live from the Pacific Ocean, with multiple livestreamed ocean exploration dives spanning across months! They are mapping the seafloor and exploring the deep-sea habitats through new technologies, including autonomous underwater vehicles. With live video & audio from these expeditions, they offer opportunities for scientists, students, educators, and the public to participate remotely from shore. In 2023, they will continue exploring the Central and Eastern Pacific.


World Club Dome – DJ Set Live from the International Space Station

The World Club Dome made music history by hosting the world’s first DJ set from space! ESA Astronaut Luca Parmitano took center stage aboard the International Space Station, connecting live to over 3000 people as part of the BigCityBeats World Club Dome Cruise Edition. His set was 12 minutes long, and was broadcast as part of the program on the main stage on board a cruise ship in Ibiza.

We Are Live – Royal Palaces in the Hague and Amsterdam

In collaboration with organizations such as IINII, Méér Muziek in de Klas, Appeltjes van Oranje, and Zilveren Anjers, We Are Live covered events from the royal palaces in The Hague and Amsterdam. With the attendance of King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima, this required paying close attention to protocol while capturing the events for the livestream audience.

538Radio – Live from a hot air balloon

Radio DJ’s Coen and Sander who have been on the radio with their own show since 2015 are checking off their bucket list and hosting their radio show from a hot air balloon was at the top of the list! The 538 Radio tech team managed to build a complete radio studio within the balloon basket, the whole project took more than a year to prepare. Both DJ’s are afraid of heights but managed to survive the three hour flight that reached altitudes of more than 1 kilometer.

We Are Live – Rocky G’s DJ Set from the canals of Amsterdam

Rocky G played a live DJ set from a boat sailing through the canals of Amsterdam, which was a challenge in itself! With no built-in power or internet on the boat, We Are Live’s creative solutions paved the way for over an hour of electronic music surrounded by Amsterdam’s stunning city views and sunset. The event reached over 20.000 viewers over the livestream!


NautilusLive Ocean Explorations (Photo credits: Photo right – Susan Poulton, Ocean Exploration Trust)
World Club Dome – DJ Set From ISS
Radio538 Live from a hot air balloon
Rocky G’s full DJ set from the canals of Amsterdam Partners:
Browny’s Event Productions
Méér Muziek In de Klas
Appeltjes van Oranje
Zilveren Anjer