Marketing opportunities through storytelling

Good livestream content doesn’t only bring you the message of a talk or event, it sets its viewers on a front row seat sharing the experience of the audience in the room and even better. It catches highlights. It tells the story of your event. And by that, engages your audience and giving you fantastic marketing opportunities.

That is why our team, besides focusing on high quality registration of an event, also focuses on the content. Our director knows what the a talk is about, so he can focus on the important parts of it and make sure that the camera crew captures the vibe, on stage and in the room. He can anticipate on  highlights and emotions, making sure the crew is ready for it. And improvise when it is needed. Our spotters team also follows an event closely, so that (live) editing is easier and we can provide the content and snippets for social media almost instantly.

This gives event directors tremendous marketing and engaging opportunities. The livestream and videos have more added value and engagement. Via social media they can spread their message almost immediately and start a conversation with their online audience. People will remember your event and people will remember you.



Because each venue is different and every stage is different, a venue sometimes poses challenges for optimal livestreaming. An event can be held in conference room with a straight forward stage against the back wall, or it can be held in an old factory, where there is a round stage in the middle and a 360 degree view for the audience.

All these different factors can bring challenges with for instance lighting, the positioning of a speaker on stage or the stage design.  It requires good strategy, creativity and planning beforehand, to make sure we can get all the action and the vibes in the room on camera.


It is the reason why We Are Live always meets extensively with clients from the early stages on. Together we look for  the best way to make sure that you livestream has that added value to your event and marketing campaign.

It is this coordination, preparation, knowledge and creativity that makes us flexible enough to take on every challenge and make the best of all opportunities we get.

IDEA Experience Conference 2019

Creating an event for event-managers can be a bit tricky: everything has to be perfect, because they will notice! That’s why we – as Premium Partner of Dutch Event Association IDEA – streamed all sessions and created the aftermovie.

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EuRuKo 2019

On the magnificent ship SS Rotterdam, the European Ruby Conference EuRuKo 2019 took place on June 21st and June 22nd. Every year it takes place in a different European city, the location being chosen by the participants. This year: Rotterdam!

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Getting Things Done Summit

On June 20th and June 21st, David Allen hosted the Getting Things Done Summit:
A deep dive into clearing your mind, organising your thoughts, achieving results and unleashing your potential.

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