Monthly live updates for Adyen employees across the world


We Are live organizes livestreams for large organizations so they can, for example, share important information with all their employees simultaneously. Adyen –  a publicly listed payments company in the Netherlands – is one company we’ve help in this way. And though to many that name might not be immediately recognizable, you might well have used their platform without even being aware of it!

Adyen, which was founded in 2006 by several Dutch entrepreneurs, runs the online payment system that companies like Uber, Booking and KLM use. They’ve grown tremendously since they were founded, went public in 2018 and are now estimated to be worth 20 billion Euro. All other payment systems are interlinked to their system and they send money around the globe. You can see if you’ve used them by checking your receipts for the Bijenkorf’s webshop as well as any bookings you’ve made on EasyJet.

For three years We Are Live has partnered with Adyen to help them provide their monthly live updates for their employees. Every month we build a small editorial studio and manage the livestream of the company, which streams to all their offices globally. Every time, we work to make it as small and compact as possible. In this way, we’re both on the air quickly but also keep costs down. Along with these monthly updates, We Are Live is also their go-to choice for internal events. We Are Live is in charge of the technical aspects and gives advice regarding how to best produce the livestream. During every broadcast we’re always thinking about how we can develop our procedures further so we can push the bar higher as we go along. The great thing about these kinds of long-term cooperations is that you really come to understand each other, which obviously benefits the livestream. This makes sure Adyen’s management discusses the latest developments in a spontaneous manner within the company using professional live content. And that helps make colleagues from across the world feel closely involved with how the company looks to develop into the future.

As you can probably guess, during these broadcasts sensitive information is often shared. For that reason, we make use of a secure connection and the livestream is only accessible for those who have been invited to participate. In this way, we do everything possible guard our client’s information so that it stays secure and confidential.

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