Impact Makers Live #1

Impactful Hybrid & Digital Events

Impactful Hybrid & Digital Events - Tips from the best

Live webcasts, webinars and digital events really took off last year. But what have we learned? Who received a good return on investment, and what are the key success factors that drive impact? At Impact Makers Live, we showcase and discuss impactful examples of digital events and live webcasts.

  • Inspiration for both hybrid & digital events
  • Set-up, execution and results
  • Concrete tips from MarCom professionals
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The cases

Barry Callebaut - 2nd Generation Chocolate

Learn how Barry Callebauts hybrid product launch kept 4500 viewers engaged from start to end and generated 330+ million impressions over 150 publications - aimed at C-suite executives globally.

Fastned - Charging Day

Our second case takes us into the world of electric driving and looks at the Fastned Charging Day: A fully digital event for their first ever Capital Markets Day, contributing to a €75 million investment.

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Case 1: Barry Callebaut - 2nd generation of chocolate

The Renaissance of Cocoa

The Barry Callebaut Group is the world's leading manufacturer of high quality chocolates and cocoa products. After 140 years, Barry Callebaut introduced the second generation chocolate by redefining how chocolate is made - a major innovation that in time will change the whole industry.

A hybrid event was organized to showcase this innovation. A physical component, inviting the top-tier worldwide press to pick up on this revolutionary news, and a digital component to include stakeholders, clients, employees, and many other professionals from the industry, marking the innovation as The Renaissance Of Cocoa.

Thomas Mulder

Managing Director - We Are Live

In a project like this, it's important that we make sure that everything comes together at the right time.

The Execution

Bas Smit: "The event is a hybrid event, meaning it's happening physically for a small group of top-tier media, but some media are not allowed to travel, so they have to join us remotely.

But on top of it, we want to make sure that our top customers were right from the beginning exposed to this novelty as well as our own employees. So, we basically set ourselves a target, not only to cover through the top-tier media, this news, but as well involve and engage thousands of others virtually. You can only do this if you work with the best professionals."

Luc de Boer

Founder -

It's not a guarantee that journalists will travel for a story nowadays


The Results

Luc de Boer: The aim for the launch was to have a hybrid event, because it's not a guarantee that journalists will travel for a new story nowadays.

If you have a hybrid event, you can still invite media from across the globe and ensure global coverage. We've been over the moon with the results. We targeted some media to join us both physically and remotely. It led to more than 150 publications with a reach of 330+ million.

3 tips from Bas

  • Select the right professionals. The ones who are not only responsible for their own piece of the cake, but the ones who keep accountability for the full cake.
  • Hybrid events really work. It helps you to scale from hundreds to thousands of people.
  • Dream big.

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Case 2: Fastned - Charging Day

Not just another Capital Markets Day

Since 2012, Fastned has been building and operating a network of EV charging stations across Europe. The fast-growing company has been listed on the Amsterdam Euronext Exchange since 2019.

Like most public companies, Fastned wanted to present itself to the financial market with its first ever capital markets day and for them not the corporate style, boring kind. Since Fastned is a young company and everything but corporate, its capital markets day had to be different, innovative and outstanding.

Marc Hesselink

Equity Research Analyst - ING

In the online era it sometimes is a bit boring to watch these kinds of events but that was clearly not the case at Fastned.

The Execution

Victor van Dijk (CFO, Fastned): "People usually see Michiel and me, CEO and CFO, but we wanted to show the whole team and the whole organization behind us. We made sure the key messages were conveyed in a proper manner. First, by drafting them with the leadership team, the presenters, we wanted it to be their own story, and thereafter we tested them with bankers, with We Are Live to make sure those messages would come across."

Marc Hesselink (ING): "The design of the event is very important because it's not only about the information that you want to get across, it also needs to stick. And I think in the combination with the slides, and the studio setup, it was interesting to watch."

Victor van Dijk

CFO - Fastned

We had a fundraiser a few months after [...] and Charging Day was a key part in his decision making due diligence.

The Results

Frans Middendorff: "We wanted to create a positive atmosphere around the company. And that really worked out well and actually so much that we secured a new round of funding. A professional infrastructure fund invested 75 million in our company and they said that one of the things that was very important was for them to watch Charging Day and really see the people behind the strategy.

And it doesn't stop there, because we published it on our website and it's been used when we go on road shows and talk to investors. We also use snippets of it for onboarding when new people join our company."

3 tips from Frans

  • If you can always choose a team member to play the role of host because this person will be much more informed, much more engaged, and it results in a much nicer conversation.
  • Help presenters build their story. Give them lots of support because it gives them confidence and it will result in better stories.
  • Don't forget your internal audience. Create a little event and watch the event live altogether, maybe even a little party afterwards, because it creates a lot of pride.

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