Saturday We Are Live with Startups Without Borders

Three Continents, one summit. Joining from around the world, over 75 speakers will share key data and first-person perspectives as CEOs, strategists, coaches, and investors for entrepreneurs to understand this radically changing global landscape and dare to build a “Brave New World.” This year the Virtual edition. Brought to you LIVE from the United States of America, Egypt and The Netherlands. 

Startups Without Borders connects the most ambitious refugee and migrant entrepreneurs with resources to grow their business, while providing investors with an entry-point to under-the-radar startups with disruptive potential.

The Startups Without Borders Summit always delivers top-notch speakers and other high notes; and 2020 is no exception. With a hybrid model, the summit this year is coming to couches all around the world with an exceptional journey through business growth, FinTech, e-commerce, and the future of remote work.

With Country Startup Tours, inspiring speakers, power-packed workshops, and a virtual investors room, the summit is going to dive into the industry trends and opportunities that the “New Normal” brings about.

Kicking off on November 14th, the virtual summit will feature 75+ speakers from around the world and from various industries aimed at firing up your inner entrepreneur, and gearing you up for the uncertain future. From brave leaders, industry pioneers, to innovators and rule-breakers, this year’s lineup will definitely inspire you.

  • Prince Constantijn van Oranje | Prince of Oranje-Nassau, the Netherlands. Envoy and Co-founder at
  • Anja Monrad | Senior Vice President & General Manager at Dell Technologies.
  • Ramez Shehadi |  Managing Director Facebook MENA.
  • Roberto Croci | Managing Director of Microsoft for Startups in MEA. 
  • Selina Bieber | Senior Regional Director for Turkey, MENA and South Africa at GoDaddy.
  • Sharif El-Badawi | Managing Partner of Plus Venture Capital (+VC).
  • Eamonn Carey | Managing Director of Techstars London. 
  • Willemijn Verloop |  Founding Partner of Rubio Impact Ventures. 

and many more...

Check out the must-see speakers and get your (free) live pass here!



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