best of both worlds!

Hybrid Events

What are hybrid events?

Hybrid events offer the perfect mix of an online and a real-life experience. By using smart techniques, you can involve both target groups as much as possible in the program. This way you give the live audience and the viewers online the impression as if they are in the middle of the event! If you do this in the right way, these two worlds reinforce each other and therefore contribute to the success of your event.

why we are live?

To get the most out of a hybrid event, you need to be able to deliver quality and customisation. We Are Live can achieve this by deploying the right people on all links in the project. Furthermore, We Are Live is the specialist in devising creative concepts. In other words, professionals with years of experience who can take all the worries off your hands!


  • Increase reach with your event!
  • An extra experience for the physical visitors!
  • Great content for your 'after live'!

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