Live formats

The sky's the limit! Focus people’s attention on your brand, product or idea by using a unique live video format.

Pretty much anything you can think of is possible. Be it an interactive talk shows, an attempt to break a world record, a live match, dating concepts, live commentary on a spectacular occurrence, Q&As with celebrities, or a live broadcast from a city’s special locations.

We excel at creating innovative and creative online and social media concepts that contain a high PR attention value.

Because of our focus on innovation we’re ahead of the pack in developing new live formats. So you’re always the first; always original. Prefer to instead repeat a previously successful format? We can do that too!

Online platforms

For our live formats we use social livestream platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Each of these channels requires its own unique approach to generate the maximum impact, reach and engagement. Naturally, it is also possible to set up a personal platform or to create a secured and private online environment.

Life after Live

Because high-quality content creates ‘social buzz’, it will continue to attract ‘on demand’ viewers even after it’s finished. Though in these cases, viewers often prefer to watch a summary (Think of it as a football match, with most opting for highlights instead of re-watching the whole match). To this end, we can edit together a summary and place it online within a few hours of the live broadcast, if the client so desires.

Advantages of Live Formats:

  • Distinguish yourself through unique live video content. Live video creates more engagement and has a much longer average viewing time than standard video.
  • We develop formats to highlight the values of the brand
  • Highly suited to creating a series and to building up an audience
  • After the live event is over, content can be repurposed for other creative ends
  • Promotes engagement

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