At We Are Live we approach the production of webinars like we would approach a tv program. Our goal: to capture the viewer’s attention by creating original and engaging content. As webinars are often longer than the average online video, this presents some fascinating and unique challenges.

Together with the client we create a script and coach the presenters. Then, based on the client’s needs, we can either build a simple setup at their office or, for those who want to go all out, one with multiple cameras in a professional studio. As long as the flow and technical aspects are in order, we can achieve your communication goals.

Through webinars we provide the maximum impact for your educational content. We’ll offer advice regarding content and presentation, as well as supervising both the creative and the technical sides of production to lighten your workload.

Online technical aspects

There are many high-quality platforms available which can be used to register and stream your webinar. By working with these platforms we’ll also be able to analyze viewer behavior. As we are platform independent, we can work with all available webinar software. We know the inner workings of the better-known platforms and, based on your wishes, will find and manage the platform that best suits your needs.

We’re able to guide you through every step of the process. From how to find participants to the upsell offer at the end.

Advantages of the Webinar


  • Controlled broadcasting to known viewers
  • High marketing and sales value with advanced and detailed analytics
  • Direct contact with the viewers
  • Offer exclusive content to selected target groups
  • Technically not complex, but still scalable

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