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Thomas Mulder 1 December 2021

Another one! Again a TEDxAmsterdamWomen talk has been featured on TED.com.

Last December, TEDxAmsterdamWomen inspired many viewers live from Theater Amsterdam, with nine amazing women sharing their stories. All their talks have now been published, with the talk of Roeltje van de Sande Bakhuijzen getting featured on the prestigious TED.com.

In her talk, she shared her journey with photography and capturing the most vulnerable parts of being human. We don’t get to hear about breasts, beside the shadow banning on social media, the fact that we need to use a hashtag called #freethenipple and that there is still so much prudishness about the most common, wonderful and natural female feature. With the focus on portrait photography she captures the unique beauty of an individual. Roeltje started to photograph these hidden, magical parts of us, and started to strip down our body images. While doing that, she was breaking down walls that were built up so carefully throughout the years.

Find the full talk here.