Treat Tomorrow discusses the future of chocolate

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Thomas Mulder 26 April 2021

The ways in which we produce and consume chocolate and cocoa products are changing rapidly. Young consumers in particular are increasingly demanding unique, sustainable and healthy products. Barry Callebaut, the largest manufacturer of high quality chocolate and cocoa products in the world, sees this change up close. This is the main reason they have launched Treat Tomorrow, in collaboration with We Are Live, on April 28; an online, interactive platform where experts discuss topics like the future of the cocoa industry, social inequality and climate change.

More than 40 speakers have taken the floor in 5 mini-series and deliver over 13 hours of chocolaty content. We were flown in to record this entire event and broadcast it via 5 simultaneous streams, which were personalized per broadcast area (EU, APAC, Americas).

A beautiful and extensive assignment involving more than 200 people behind the scenes.

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