Unite Europe 2017 live from Amsterdam

Unite Europe 2017

Game developers, artists, storytellers and other interested parties collected in 2017 in Amsterdam for Unite Europe 2017, organized by Unity. In case you’ve never heard of them before, Unity is a gaming platform often referred to as the Rolls Royce among game development platforms. It was released in 2005 and has since then been used by 1.3 million developers across the world. One of the best-known titles produced with their platform was Angry Birds.

And so, the game developers world is watching during these conference days. The newest features are presented and big gamers from the industry are invited to speak. We Are Live was there to record and broadcast the conference live. For the first time, the opening keynote was presented at 18:00 so that interested parties from the US could watch the event live during their day. The opening day was broadcasted from Theater Amsterdam, a modern facility with a view of Amsterdam’s Houthavens (wood docks) located along the IJ river. The two other conference days were broadcasted live from the Westergasfabriek. It was the third time that We Are Live was responsible for arranging and broadcasting the event’s livestream. These are exciting days because it is here that the newest features are presented for the first time to the public. Unity is a concept in the gaming world. And so, as the whole world was watching, the livestream had to be of the highest quality.   

The viewership of the livestream never dropped below 2000 during the whole event. In total, it was viewed 85,000 times. The keynote was filled with demonstrations of the possibilities that the platform offered. Therefore, it was a unique challenge for We Are Live to dynamically switch back and forth between the speaker and what they were showing on the hall’s big screen. A great example of this was how ‘Head of Cinematic’ Adam Myhill explained the way you can play with the ‘camera viewpoints’ in a game to showcase the vibrant nature of the gameplay. This was a livestream for a phenomenal conference which we won’t quickly forget. You can watch the keynotes in their entirety below.

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