Why livestream is taking over the internet

Online video

The popularity of online video has been growing immensely in recent years. The public has been greedily consuming this impactful communication tool while advertisers are aware of its value more than ever. ‘The Online Video Event’ took place for this fifth time this year and We Are Live was there to provide the livestreams of the keynotes and to report live on the event. Here, we’ll consider some key takeaways.

The future of live streaming

Video is the way to influence opinions online and livestreams add an extra dimension. Livestreams create exclusivity. Something spectacular happens at a specific moment in time and the viewers who tune in are the first to witness it.

One of the top keynote speakers at the event was strategist Phil Nottingham:

‘The future is about great human communication and creativity and that’s really the value of video.’

Phil described the livestream phenomena as ‘Livestream creates a privileged view: It shows people something they normally don’t have the ability to experience.’ According to Phil, when you’re considering using livestream you should ask yourself the following question. ‘Do you have an exclusive event, an interesting manufacturing process, exciting physical spaces or iconoclastic people?’ If you can check off any of these four things, then livestreaming is an exciting way to go. Furthermore, Phil emphasized the return of personal communication in our marketing and business relationships. He concluded with, ‘The future is about great human communication and creativity and that’s really the value of video.’ He emphasizes how in 2019 80% of internet traffic will be video and that if we approach our target audience in a creative and personal manner this will let us stand out.

Live video streaming works and there are so many opportunities

One of the Netherland’s top speakers at the event was Edwin Tromp of 90/24 Media. Edwin earns his daily bread by making ‘disruptive’ content for world famous soccer players and he reaches millions of people doing so.

‘The consumers asks for video instead of the boring social post. So, give them video.’

He told us that on social media, people on average interact with and comment on live videos six times as often as normal videos. Per day, 100 million hours of video are watched on Facebook and 80% of the millennials inform purchasing decision by consuming video content. ‘The consumer asks for video instead of boring social posts. So, give them video’. According to Edwin media companies are quite far along in terms of live video. Brands, however, are still miles behind. And this, while there are so many opportunities for live video on places like Facebook and Instagram. He emphasizes the power of live video during product launches, giving a look behind the scenes, conferences, meet-and-greet events and interviews.

Engaging the viewer with professional content

It was the job of We Are Live to present Phil, Edwin and three other speakers in an appealing manner as well as broadcast the livestream. To that end, we edited the event on location and in real time and then created a montage directly after the broadcast so we could upload content the very same evening. Rogier Mulder, the organizer of the event, felt it was essential to make use of live video. ‘We are ‘the Online Video Event’ and so it’s pretty much a no brainer to use live streaming. In addition, we have been sold out three years in a row. Live streaming is therefore a great way to offer the event to a larger audience. And it makes the event even more interesting for our sponsors.’ Rogier also shared with us how impressed he was with how we could lift short pieces of content, like important quotes, out of a speech as it was happening and make them available online. ‘The live broadcast of keynotes is interesting and We Are Live goes a step further by taking the viewer’s perspective and by making it an interesting show. What does the viewer want to see at which moment and how do we keep it exciting?’ According to Rogier, the way we expanded reach and created interesting content that could be spread online and heighten awareness significantly added to the value of using livestream. You can find more information about the keynotes here: http://onlinevideoevent.nl/ and we’re already looking forward to next year’s edition!

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